Fox and I visited my physiotherapist a few months ago. My physiotherapist’s friend used to have a PADS dog, so he knew how to be around a PADS dog. Usually, you have to explain everything from scratch, but he knew the basics (not to pet, etc.), which was great.

I was chatting with my physio when all of a sudden the therapy bed started going down. We both noticed that Fox had her paw on the lever that lowered and lifted the bed. The physio gave me so much credit for training my puppy to do that. I was like that has not been trained Then later on, I was on the bed and then once again the bed started going down. Fox was there to make sure I didn’t fall from too high. Once again her paw hit the lift button that was on the floor. The physiotherapist almost didn’t believe this had not been part of her training. LOL. 

Fox showed the best of her best in every possible way during my physiotherapist session!

Submitted by: Mirka