We brought a puppy home! It’s a transition home for Fox II…we’re puppy-starting her for a of couple months. We love the puppy cuddles, we love the cuteness and ridiculousness of puppies. And we can handle the toileting accidents and shark teeth (for the most part).

We’re off to a good start with Fox’s training – LOTS of luring, sit, perch, calm bed, Its Yer Choice, and daytime kenneling. She’s been a huge hit with the kids at school, but they’re definitely overwhelming to a small pup. She’s also seen lots of the neighbourhood dogs, and we’ve had some success with ignoring those distractions. We haven’t ventured very far into the neighbourhood…we manage to walk around our condo building, and then she beelines back home. πŸ™‚ She’s also been to work with me…we hide away in a quiet office where she can choose to play with her toys under the desk or she has her kennel nearby for naptime.

So far, we’re off to a good puppy start…we’ll see what happens in month 2!

Submitted by: Tracey