Fox II enjoyed her time off with several pup sitters this month. When she arrived back home, it was like having a kid coming back home from a sleepover with friends: She just crashed into her bed and slept 6 hours straight in the middle of the day. After a few days of recovery, she has started to be more normal πŸ™‚

Submitted by:Β Lesley, Puppy Raiser

Bonus Pupdate:Β This month was a trip down memory lane. I stayed with two of my old sitters who looked after me when I was a puppy, and gosh, I was so excited to see them. I soaked up all the smells in the neighbourhood, and it made me nostalgic. We took advantage of the sunny days and headed to Van Dusen Gardens and Central Park to enjoy some spring blooms. My other outings included a visit to a grocery store and a restaurant.Β Submitted by:Β Gauri, PADS Puppy in Training Sitter