My raiser and her son surprised me by taking me to a White Spot restaurant for breakfast! The smells were amazing and it was nice to see so many waitresses passing our table with those delicious smelling plates! I knew I was there for smells only and that was good enough for me! Well, I got some attention from those lovely waitresses and they said I’m welcome to come back anytime since I behaved so well! They might not know that I can be back anytime no matter what… ;). That will be my secret!

Well, I was a good girl and I’m sure my raiser and her son are very proud of me! I let them enjoy their breakfast while I “morning dreamed” underneath the table. After breakfast, we ran into a man who puppy-sit me when I was just a little girl! He recognized me thanks to my vest. That was the cherry on top of my cake!

Submitted by: Mirka Nyppeli