Mom took me to visit her mom at the hospital (apparently she now has a metal shoulder!) and I was a superstar. We got “pulled over” as mom called it by one staff member on the unit just checking my “drivers” licence. Once that was cleared up I was good to go. I nailed my sits, my downs, my calm visits. Didn’t once bother any of the other patients on the ward. I even got to walk up and down some orthopaedic stairs they use to help people mobilize again. Mom even gave me extra treats when someone tried to gain my attention while I was focused on a down while mom was on the phone. Mom said I could sense the patients were not 100% after surgery and I left my crazy puppy behaviour outside in the parking lot! I even sat nicely when the staff came around and asked to pet me. When we were leaving mom let me and the staff interact and I got a good scratch from several nurses. I had such a great experience for the first time in a busy busy hospital and I hope I made the nurses’ and staffs’ day while I visited. Now I’m sleeping. I surprised her with my good behavior!

Submitted by: Kristi Zukewich