Oh wow it is already August.  Summer is almost over and I haven’t even been to the beach!  My hoomans fixed that and managed to work in some training too.  I went to visit retired PADS Halo and her raiser Teri.  She took us on a wonderful walk but it was not all fun and chase.  We went to the Ambleside off leash dog park where I worked hard on my dog distraction.  Halo came along to show me how it was done.  It was a real learning experience for me and my raisers.  I kept my cool, recalled when cued, saw, played and appropriately greeted new dogs.  It was a hot day but I got to cool off in the fresh water of the Capalino River and I had my first experience with waves and salt water.  I’m not a fan of the salt water but bobbing in waves was neat! I went home a little wiser and more confident. 

Our neighbourhood held their 2nd annual kids craft fair at our park.  PADS Bonnie and I invited PADS Benelli,  PADS Maya and PADS sitters Rafi and Kaielia to come and help us provide information about PADS as well as the PADS Move fundraiser to our neighbours.  PADS Maya was awesome demonstrating cues to our enthralled audience.  Oh, and we got lots of rubs and scritches for looking so cute and being good PADS puppies.  It was a fun day and I got to hang out with my PADS friends.

Alas, August was quickly gone, but not before we made another Starbucks run. 

Til September…

Submitted by: Veronica / Ross Spenard