My raisers warned me that December would be a busy month. Boy were they right!

A couple of little people came and stayed at my house for two days. At the beginning they were nervous with me being near them and I was really interested in them. But we all quickly learned to give each other space. By the time they left we were all comfortable with being close to each other.

I went to my first PADS event. It was at MEC and my raisers said it was a de-stress event. I got to meet, greet and get hugs, scritches and rubs from soooo many people. Who knew that meeting and greeting could be so exhausting?

My raisers took me to lots of stores, concerts and Christmas places. I liked the bright coloured trees and left them alone. I also experienced my first big family dinner and another sleep over of tiny people. It was busy, noisy and there were little people running around and making noise. But I kept my cool and even put myself into my kennel for a timeout!

I also had a woof house guest for a few days: Leila. She is PADS trainer Lisa’s companion. I thought I was small but Leila is tiny but feisty. I learned to respect her space and played appropriately. Christmas was fun but I am glad to have some quiet time and get ready for 2020 and new adventures…

Submitted By: Veronica and Ross Spenard