Oh, woof! It is December and boy, I have been a busy pup.

My hoomans started to bring out lots and lots of boxes filled with lights and decorations. And then they put up a tree inside my house! What were they thinking? After I had a good sniff and looked around, they told me it was for Christmas. I vaguely remember what Christmas was, but what I do know is that it looks and smells really neat. Then out came the costumes. Apparently, Christmas also means having to get dressed up lots. I had to try on my different outfits because the school where I go with PADS sitter Miss Fiona had a week of dress-up to bring in the Christmas spirit. That meant that I would be going to school for 5 days in a row instead of my regular 2 days! I was a real pupper and was ready to put my best paw forward. It was sweaters, hats, bandanas and full-on costumes. The 1st day was red/green day, and I rocked it in my Naughty/Nice bandana. The next day I got to help the man in the red suit, who looked a lot like Santa Paws, spread Christmas cheer to all of my students and staff. It was fun but tiring.

I was really looking forward to PJ day, but unfortunately, my 5-day run was interrupted by an unexpected visit to the vet. Nothing to worry about, but I did come away with a funny fur trim where the vet had to place some sticky pads for a test.

I also had a new houseguest to get used to as an Advanced Dog in training. PADS Chantilly came to stay with PADS raiser Tiff and Bonz (aka released PADS Bonnie). I don’t think anyone warned Chantilly about our dress-up routine that goes with Christmas. But she took it like a pawfessional and even got to meet Santa Paws when he visited our street while checking his naughty or nice list. I am proud to report that we were all on his nice list. Then on Christmas Eve, I went out onto our front porch and rang sleigh bells to help Santa Paws find our house so he could bring us special treatos. It was exciting and fun because we had snow!

On Boxing Day, our hoomans normally rest up after their busy Christmas Day. But this year I got a special treat. We went to our favourite lake, and we were the only four-leggeds there. We got to sniff and wander about. But I kept my cool and frequently checked in. I even went for an early Polar Bear dip and then got snuggled up in my comfy blanket robe for the drive home.

I finished off my busy month and year on a new walk. I have only been to this trail once before and had to bring Bonz to sniff how neat it was. There are lots of new smells, big birds with white heads in the trees, lots of well-behaved dogs on leash, running hoomans and the occasional horse. It was a fun way to end the year.

And so I say to all my fur friends “woof woof woof” or Happy New Year as my raisers say. Talk to you next year.

Submitted by: Veronica & Ross Spenard