Oh woof, woof and woof! It is a new year, and let me tell you that there have been many changes for me and my hoomans.

I am sad to say but very proud to say that this is my last pupdate. Have no fear, for I am fine, but I am no longer a puppy in training – sort of. I remember my raisers telling me that I should get used to those phancy phants. And I wondered why are you telling me this? Then I had to see some doctors and had a bunch of tests. Boy! I must be really smart because I passed them all and I didn’t even study for them. Well, phancy phants plus passing my tests means that I am no longer PADS Puppy in Training Freya II but PADS Breeding Dog Freya II. Now that doesn’t mean I will stop my training. My hoomans have told me I have a standard of training if I want to earn my blue vest. So I’ll keep training hard…

The other big change is that I have a couple of full-time house guests to get used to. I had a picture taken with a mini-me, and much to my surprise, a few weeks later, there really was a mini-me. Well, sort of. I’m really dark, and my mini-me is not so dark. Her name is PADS Britton, and we have become the best of furiends. She is helping me get used to littles as I hope there will be littles in my future.

So while you won’t see pupdates anymore from me, don’t be surprised if I show up in some of PADS Britton’s pupdates.

So thank you to all my furiends and hooman friends for your support and encouragement. This is PADS Puppy in Training Freya II signing off – WOOF!!

Submitted by: Veronica & Ross Spenard