Time flies when you are having fun! At least that is what my hoomans tell me, if that is the case then I am having a blast! At the start of the month I went to school several times with PADS sitter Fiona. I quietly settled in her class, listened to student presentations (well sort of – I dozed off for several), settled in the gymnasium while the school band practiced for the graduation ceremony, and politely met students as well as staff. I really enjoyed my time at school. My raisers have told me that I can go again when school starts in the fall.

I was finally able to get out and explore again because we went to Phase 3. Not sure what that means but if it means that I can get out more often then I am all for it. Of course, keeping in mind my manners and social distancing. Planning for my outings meant having a proper bath, not a splash in the pool with PADS Bonnie and Tira or a swim in the lake, but a proper bath. I even had my nails done. I am getting much better with my nail trimming.

After getting spruced up we went shopping. I forgot how tiring going out was. I quickly remembered what it was like to be in a store and focused on my raisers as they did their errands. After my first outing, I had to take a nap in the back of our car. I am looking forward to more sunny weather, pool time, swim time, and hopefully visits with my PADS friends.

Til next time – Woof!

Submitted by: Veronica / Ross Spenard