Wow! Where to begin, there has been so many changes. My hoomans told me we have to lay low for awhile because of a very small bug called the Covid19 virus. I really am a social butterfly and agreed to temporarily hang up my cape until things return to normal. This bug has made us all change the way we do things. Apparently there is a thing called ‘distance learning’ so now my hoomans watch a PADS TV program and then help me to learn new skills and cues at home The bug also forced the cancellation of the PADS gala. PADS Bonnie and I had our gala outfits already picked out so our raisers helped us to celebrate remotely.

My raisers found a new toy for me to keep me occupied while we practiced our social distancing. It had a really strange sound that required my utmost attention to get rid of and apparently this was an opportunity to dress up! I am not able to go out as often or visit stores but a girl still has to have some fun, I just have to get up early, be careful where I go, and keep up my social distancing. Does anyone know if a virus can swim?

Submitted By: Veronica & Ross Spenard