My hoomans say it is now March 60th! Not sure what that means but I think it is why I have not been able to go visit and shop with them. It has given me time to practice resting in my kennel during the day. But I still get out to stretch my legs. After all a girl just gotta have some fun! We have been careful to find places where I can explore but not be too close to others. I really like Jones Lake. There are lots of smells, open spaces to run and swim. I also went into the city to visit my raiser’s little hoomans. I really, really wanted to get close to them and get scritches. But I kept my cool and my distance while we went for a city walk. I got to demonstrate my perch cue and I got to see some big fish and several turtles. It was a busy day and at home I needed a cuddle. I was proud to show my support and care for my furry friends and hoomans in Nova Scotia after a terrible tragedy. I hope I don’t have to do that again.

Submitted By: Veronica & Ross Spenard