It’s November and I’m sooo excited. My hoomans told me I had to be patient. Not sure what that is but I think it’s like being given the cue ‘wait’ before I go out a door. So I’ve been patient and I got my reward. I was expecting a scrumptious kibble surprise but it was even better. I got to go to my favourite lake to explore and I didn’t even have to do it on a leash! I was told we were celebrating “Fancy phants free Friday.” Apparently 42 days ago I started to wear those uncomfortable pants and sleep like 26 hours a day. I’ve had 10 days to cool down and now watch out forest for here I am footloose and phants-free. It was great but for some reason my ‘furfect’ day was spoiled by a bath. And I didn’t even get super dirty. I was told I had an aroma about me and as I was going back to school my raisers thought I should dispense with it. So bath it was… It gave me a chance to try out my new after bath towel/robe. It worked great by keeping me warm and helping me to dry.

And that is the other reason I am so excited: I got to go back to school. The little hoomans and even some of the big hoomans were wondering when I would return. Well in no time I was back into the groove. At least that is what PADS sitter Miss Fiona said. I settled in class, walked nicely in the halls and was my cute self. But I had busy days. One day Miss Fiona had a helper and so she took me for a school tour. I watched the big students play socially-distanced dodge ball. There was lots of running around, noise and balls zooming all over. But I kept my cool and focused on Miss Fiona. Then we went and saw some of the small hoomans. I was the hit of the day. They all lined up nicely and took turns to come and pet me while I lay on the floor and kept my cool. Finally I went and saw other students who needed Miss Fiona’s help. I am also helping a young boy with his reading. I met him in September and really helped him focus on his reading. He was happy to see and be able to read to me again. I’m not sure what he was reading because I fell asleep…

It is good to have the heat thing over with. Hopefully I won’t have to do that again. Once every 10 months is enough. But who knows?

Until next time – woof!

Submitted by: Veronica / Ross Spenard