I was laying in the sun just dog dreaming about the stuff I did in September when “woof” I realized nobody knows! I have to fix that pronto…

I went on my longest trail hike ever. I almost made it to the top of the Gloria Lookout trail. It was all up with lots of zig-zags, new smells and very few flat spots for me to rest. It was really tough. Even PADS Bonnie thought it was tough. And I had to wear a bright red bell to make noise and scare off the bears. It must have worked because I didn’t see any. I enjoyed it sooo much that I invited PADS Maya to join us on our next hike. I thought I had a big bell but PADS Maya found the biggest bell ever. And she even showed us how to ring it. It was really loud. I had fun booping it to make it ring.

But September wasn’t all sniffing smells and fun hikes. I had serious things to do as well. I started back to school with teacher and PADS raiser Fiona twice a week. It seemed like forever since I was last in school but I quickly settled in to my new routine. Miss Fiona says I am doing an excellent job and the students really like me. I got to help Miss Fiona meet (socially distancing) and greet the parents. I laid quietly in the back of her truck while lots of cars slowly drove by. I didn’t even startle to the occasional honk of a horn.

Two weeks later I helped two of her students do an in-class presentation in front of the whole class. They were really nervous and said they couldn’t do it. It was important so Miss Fiona asked what would help them. They asked if I could sit with them while they did their presentation. WOOF what an honour. I sat quietly next to both of them while they did their five-minute presentations.

And I took part in a school wide awareness day by wearing an orange t-shirt. My students were amazed that I would dress up for the day. Little did they realize that I am a true fashionista and enjoy dressing up. Just wait until December… Oops I almost barked it out. Time to go. Until next month – woof!

Submitted by: Veronica / Ross Spenard