Hello Everyone! I’m 3 months old now and settling in with my human family nicely. I’ve had all sorts of new experiences in my short life. I have two canine friends, Brew and Slick, and I have two homes, one city home and one mountain home. In the city, I’ve gone to Costco a few times, out for lunch and to the mall once, all the while focusing on what is important, my human, Beth! I’ve learned there are two types of walks, loose leash walking and adventure walking. Loose leash walking is really hard, but I’m starting to get the hang of it, always staying beside Beth and keeping my eye on her. Adventure walks, however, are my favourite! I have the freedom to sniff, but I always know that Beth is close by and that I need to check in with her often. My recall is awesome!!!!

I came to my human family knowing how to sit nicely but have now learned a couple more cues. I am so proud of my ability to run into my kennel when told “kennel”. I also love my cape and eagerly get dressed when asked.

Submitted by: Beth Pinckston