This month I watched a parade where there were lots of dogs, horses, clowns and some super noisy sirens. I enjoyed it all and stayed super calm throughout it. The weather has allowed for plenty of romps in the snow, which I really enjoy! It seems you get lots of freedom when your recall is as awesome as mine. I also spent the day with Trish, Berk and my pal, Elsa, this month. What a lot of fun that was! I was one tired puppy when I got home. I sometimes have a little trouble staying in my down position. But I am happy to report that I attended two appointments with my people this month and stayed nicely down on my mat for nearly an hour each time. We had a puppy class this month with all the Okanagan dogs, and it was so much fun. We did a lot of perch work which I love. Lots of kibble for staying in place makes it a pretty awesome game. 

Submitted by: Pam & Rob McGregor