I have heard that January is supposed to be a bit of a “blah” month, but I have really enjoyed myself. I love running in the snow, sniffing about and showing off my excellent recall – kibble included, of course. I am starting to find it a bit easier to pass other dogs without always wanting to say hello, but I still need a fair bit of help with this. I have been to many different kinds of stores this month, each with their own smells and distractions. I am told I perform very well in these situations with minimal direction. I went for a fun walk this month with some PADS friends on the concourse of the local hockey arena. We were all very good dogs, so we got to go for coffee afterwards, where we all relaxed nicely under the table. I am still working hard to stay in “down” in public. I recently aced it at the public library. Next month is the Vernon Winter Carnival. I hope to go to some fun events. I will keep you posted.

Submitted by: Pam & Rob McGregor