Well, my regular people got back from vacation a couple of weeks ago, and we have been pretty busy ever since. We have done errands in many different types of stores, from small garden centers to big stores like Costco, and I think everyone was pretty impressed with my focus and my manners. We had a nice, but rainy evening at a local cidery. No problem for me as I was nice and dry under the table, and I even got the occasional kibble.

I had my eyes tested this month and also went to my people’s eye appointments. I did really well at both places but it was kind of hard to see for a while after they put drops in my eyes. I also went to the hairdresser this month. I didn’t get my hair cut, but I did get a quick blow-dry, which I love.

It is getting quite warm here but I have quickly learned to settle in front of a fan to keep my cool. I am looking forward to an upcoming camping trip. Not exactly sure what that entails, but I will keep you posted.

Submitted by: Pam & Rob McGregor