Mom says I am really growing now. I am over 45 lbs, 21 inches at the shoulder, and 37” from nose to hips. I am teething like crazy and eating everything in sight. Mom tossed a few of my things because I started pulling them apart. Stuffing is really fun to pull out!! 

I am working hard on all my house manners. The hardest part is when we have visitors come in. I know they want to see me, and I am super excited to see them. I keep forgetting that I need to be calm, and I give Mom a hard time.  

April was a busy month with lots of visits.  The humans in mom’s life had need to go to different hospitals, and I got to come along-lots of very different smells, sounds and people.  We also went to some different events, a black-tie dinner, a community dinner, and a PADS meet and greet.  Plus, I got to go back to my sitter’s house.  They have some young children that I love to visit with.  Then we went to watch a baseball game.  That was super exciting.  There was so much to check out, my head was on a swivel.  The wind was blowing, so birds and leaves were flying, kids were running, it was all very exciting.  Then the snow came back -even I am done with the snow. 

Well, until next month.  Sincerely Giorgio.

Submitted by: Tina