Hello, New World! My name is Giorgio, and I am three months and two days old. I was born in Vancouver, but at 8 weeks and a few days old, I took my very first airplane ride to Calgary, Alberta. For a little while, I had my big uncle (PADS) Brinks to keep me company and show me around. Now, he’s gone to PADS University, and I am in PADS puppy training. It’s been a steep learning curve, but I am up to the challenge. My first challenge was learning to sleep through the night. Check that off; I have been doing that for about 10 days now. Then I had to learn to go outside, even when it’s really cold. I am not too happy about that one.

My new mom has all these different rules that I am learning. She calls them manners: 

  1. I need to stay out of the kitchen.  
  2. I cannot take just anything I want to play with. There are so many different things in my new home. Mom trades the things I am not supposed to have and gives me the ones I can have. I really want her to chase me when I do take something I am not supposed to have, but she doesn’t play that game. 
  3. My brother and sister cats are not for chasing either. (But it is so much fun!!)  
  4. I am learning to walk beside her when we are out and about. She lets me investigate lots of different things.

But we have plenty of cuddles and scratches and massages all day long. You will see in the pictures that I am even an artist. I created a heart shape with my paws one night while I was out. In another picture, you will see uncle Brinks and me visiting PADS Campbell at his place of work. Mom, Brinks and I went there to help serve pancakes one morning, but uncle Brinks and I had to stay out of the kitchen so mom was close by serving syrup to the many kids that were around.

I still do lots of sleeping, as I am growing every day. All this learning and exploring is tiring work. Well, it’s nap time, until next month-have a great month.


Submitted by: Tina