Hello World, now that I am getting a little older and have become a bit more reliable as to when I need to toilet, we have started to explore many different areas. I had such a wonderful month-full of many firsts now that the cold white stuff is gone (well most days). We have been getting out more than usual. Mind you, everything is new to me, so everything is exciting.

This past month, I watched a really big truck come to my yard. It made lots of noise, but I wasn’t scared, I felt I was a safe distance away and mom was right beside me. It was loud and beeped, and moved back and forth, picked things up and put them back down. Mom said it was a garbage truck.

When we were doing a walk on a bright warm day, there were kids passing us by, loud mufflers on cars, other walkers, everyone said I was ADORABLE! Another time, we passed some dogs who were barking, I just looked at mom and she said I was a good boy, gave me a treat and we carried on. Then I met this other dog, who looked just like me, even had the yellow vest. We played a game of copy me. He must have been able to read my mind as he did everything at the same time I did. Mind you, he didn’t smell like much, we touched nosed once, but I didn’t get any smell from him. Then mom snickered at me, and said that it was my reflection. I have met that dog again a few times.

We have started to explore other “homes.” We went into a really big building that had lots of different smells, beeping noises and loud talking. I went there to cheer up my friend -Pa. He was in a new home called a hospital.

Right in my own backyard, I have had a lot more excitement. I have been seeing many more furry and feathered friends. I have heard them singing and honking as they fly over head. My yard has had “smaller than cats” visitors, they scamper around my yard looking under leaves, climb up trees when I get too close. Others are bigger than cats with long ears they like to nibble on the new grass that is growing. They bounce away when I start toward them.

We are on our way for another adventure, so until next time, Giorgio out.

Submitted by: Tina