Woof woof! It’s me, the good girl doggo you were talking about earlier. I’ve been spending some time with a different sitter, and my human told me that I’ve been doing a pawsome job helping out with the sitter’s kiddos and being a good passenger on car rides. I even went to Sunday worship with my sitter, and while it was a little noisy, I behaved myself like a good girl.

But there’s one thing that’s been ruffing me up lately. My sitter said I couldn’t go for walks because I’m in heat, and I don’t understand why. I just wanna go outside and explore, ya know? But my human said it’s to keep me safe and prevent any unexpected breeding, so I’ll obey and stay indoors or on a leash for now.

Anyway, my sitter says I’m the best-behaved PADS dog they’ve ever had, and I’m wagging my tail with pride. I’m happy to be doing a good job as a service dog, and I hope to keep it up!

Submitted by: Doris Cheng