We’re proud to announce our newest Accredited Facility Dog – PADS Gloucester (Glossy). This month, Glossy joined the team at Manitoba Justice Victim Services.

This new addition has been long awaited – but the best things in life often are.

Manitoba Justice Victim Services said:

“Glossy is the second Accredited Facility Dog to work at our branch, joining us after the retirement of our former Accredited Facility Dog, Milan, in 2021. Glossy has a way of breaking the ice and providing a sense of warmth that is unmatched, which are invaluable characteristics to have in the role she has just taken on. Victim Services staff help assist victims of crime as their matters move through the criminal justice system. Glossy is a key member of our team, and her calm and loving presence helps victims of crime through very difficult times. We are pleased with our ongoing relationship with Pacific Assistance Dog Society (PADS). We want to acknowledge all of the puppy raisers, trainers, sitters, staff, and those involved who helped match Glossy with our team here in Manitoba. Thank you!”

Congratulations #TeamGloucester