Indy continues to explore her world, learning new things & practicing old.  Regular outings to the grocery store or Home Depot seem a breeze as she knows what is expected. Although her raiser wasn’t first keen on the ‘all dogs welcome’ policy that places now have, it has become a great practice for Indy to show her PADS self-restraint & practice what nice dogs do in public! Sometimes restraint can be a challenge as Indy decided her raiser was taking too long at PADS to get some more food & crawled out the back window to voice some encouraging barks, ‘Hurry UP!’ Fortunately, she was tethered & couldn’t climb out completely, but it’s a good reminder that an open window can easily become a doorway for puppies that have FOMO! 

Indy clearly had her good girl hat on at the band concert we attended. Lots of banging drums, clashing cymbals & other instruments couldn’t frazzle this pup – she stayed focused & relaxed the entire time, even when the drumline came out; well done Indy!

Submitted by: Judi Zaklan