August was a busy month for Indy; she had a number of firsts. Until recently she had not shown any interest in water, but on a walk at Buntzen, after my partner jumped in for a swim, it didn’t take much coaxing from her favourite playmate to give it a try. Her face was priceless when she came out – ‘Super scary, but super awesome – try again!!’ & so she did! At another lake, Alouette, Indy came on a paddleboard with me; good practice for both of us to balance!

While out in the garden, Indy was surprised by a cat – she gave it a small bark and seemed perturbed that it just sat and stared at her.

Finally, we are working on impulse control about jumping over things – she recently realized that our neighbour’s hedge is not so high & tried to clear it! We are working at DMTing this and we’ll see how it goes.

A regular activity is taking Indy with me to the archery range; it’s a good way for her to practice sitting and doing nothing! While I do leash her while I shoot, she loves to race me to the target to check out my accuracy, and she has helped my focus by not always sitting still – thanks, Indy!

Submitted by: Judi Zaklan