Indy & her raiser had a busy month! She had her 4-month walk-through and did a fantastic job staying focused and not getting spooked by anything (fortunately, there were no other dogs at Home Depot that time!). On to ‘dog distraction’ – had help from PADS buddies like Morena, Fernie, and even MOM Britton (more on that later). She went to Judi’s son’s Gr 8 leaving ceremony, where even though people were interested, Indy did her job by staying quiet and lying under Judi’s chair. We had an encounter with an unleashed (happy) dog who had no recall – Indy stayed calm without barking, jumping & only a little pulling – Yay, Indy! She has learned that mannequins are not people – Indy was confused that the ‘people’ at Mark’s stared blankly off into space… Had a very busy outing to ScotFestBC in Coquitlam at Lafarge Lake – lots of smells, sights, people, dogs – Indy handled it quite well. Lastly, Indy met her Mom, Britton, at class – it was an impromptu reunion, and it was hard to curb Indy’s enthusiasm. 

Submitted by: Judi Zaklan