It was a busy month with appointments (medical, social) & a new sitter. Indy had her first real bath at Bosley’s which was made tolerable by having lots of high-value treats – we decided to skip the dryer as it was a bit overwhelming! Indy also had a pedicure thanks to Kailea, who kindly gave a quick tutorial to Judi on ‘how to’. Kailea & PADS Duchess also invited us for a walk at Burnaby Lake – this was Indy’s first ‘social’ with another dog. Duchess was very patient with Indy’s puppy love (aka face biting) and showed her how calm girls walk and avoid eating horse droppings! Even though this meeting was super exciting for Indy, by the end she was calm as can be.

Indy had more time to observe dogs at a distance when going to a new sitter in E Van. The added bonus was air-con in the apartment as this sit occurred when there were some pretty hot temps in the Lower Mainland – fortunately, Judi has found that pumpkin sicles are a favourite of Indy’s! Indy also discovered the mist-setting on the hose and loves to eat the mist to cool down.

Indy had a second social close to Mundy Park with PADS. It was a great opportunity to practice our off-leash recall since the older dogs would be the leaders. We had so much fun smelling, running, and face-licking that Indy inhaled a lot of kibbles! Unfortunately, when it goes in that fast it may not get digested & …! Anyway, a new experience of a Bland Diet to get our tummy back on track.

We had our first vet visit for our 16-week vaccinations; all went well after an initial wince/yelp from the first needle. We now have a known weight – 38.5 lbs, OMG she’s a big girl!

We also had our 16-week assessment at Home Depot & are happy to announce that she was a superstar! Nothing fazes this girl – strangers, statues, noises, tight spaces, odd surfaces; all in a day’s work! Even Judi thought the 3 ft gnome was creepy – fortunately, it was not her assessment. πŸ˜‰

Submitted by: Judi Zaklan