Jelly is coming along very nicely with her training and reliably responds to several cues. She has quite good loose-leash walking skills in familiar areas and is learning to check in with her handler when there is a distraction. Jelly enjoys trips out to run errands, as well as training at the local community centre. She tends to get quite activated by other dogs at puppy class, which requires more “work” for the handler to keep her focused.

Jelly can be stubborn at times and sometimes likes to “think” about whether she wants to respond to a cue. We are working on speeding up her response time. Above all else, Jelly LOVES to snuggle and will let you know if it’s been a while since the last one.

Jelly had a sleepover at a sitter’s house this month to get her ready for a month-long sitter in February and had a mature PADS dog come to stay for two nights so she could practice socializing with another dog for an extended period.

Submitted by: Barb & Erik