We picked up Jelly on Nov 13th, and she’s a happy little girl who loves to snuggle her people. She’s a fast learner and loves to work for kibble, and she’s picking up the cues and behaviours very quickly. Despite the snow and cold, Jelly and I go for 10- 15 min walks in cape every day, and she’s enjoying exploring the world around her. She also loves to have zoomies in our fenced backyard to burn off some steam. We’ve had lots of different store visits already, and she’s an old hand at meeting new people but runs back to her handler for treats when she hears the clicker.

Jelly has been to three in-person classes already and gets pretty excited to see some of her brothers in class. Sometimes it’s hard for her to settle down and relax, so we are working on guided collar “chin” to the ground right now.

We think this lovely girl has lots of potential!

Submitted by:  Barb and Erik Danielsen