It turns out sleeping through the night is actually really nice for me AND my raisers. I usually sleep until around 6 am, but my record for the latest wake-up call is 8.30 am—I must have been really pooped then.

Speaking of poop, I’m doing much better at only toileting outside. I still have the odd accident at home but can you blame me when the play is so exciting? One day my raisers will do a better job at recognizing when it’s time for us to get out.

Lots of fun new places for me to sniff recently—the grocery store, the rec centre (people loved me there and found it VERY hard not to say “hi”), cafes, Homesense, and even a couple of breweries where my raisers had what must have been the human equivalent of a Kong because they enjoyed it just as much as I enjoyed my treats.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of me helping out with the shopping, getting some well-earned rest, and looking like a little prince on my throne.


Submitted by: Mike