Hey everyone, it’s me, Jones, back with my monthly update! January has been quite the adventure, with plenty of fun along the way.

Let me start by saying that the weather this month has been absolutely bone-chilling. We’ve had some seriously cold days, and it’s made my walks a bit of a challenge. My poor paws couldn’t handle the cold for too long, so I had to cut back on my outdoor adventures for about 10 days. But you know what? It wasn’t all bad. I discovered the cozy bliss of lying in front of the fireplace, basking in its warmth. It’s become my new favourite spot in the house!

Now, onto the good stuff – snow! We got hit with a bunch of snow this month, and let me tell you, I was in heaven. There’s nothing quite like bounding through deep snowdrifts, feeling the fluffy stuff crunch beneath my paws. My raisers took me hiking in the snow, and it was an absolute blast. I couldn’t get enough of it!

But wait, there’s more excitement to report – it was my birthday this month! That’s right, I turned one year old, and it was a paw-some celebration. My raisers whipped up some homemade treats for me, and they were absolutely delicious. I may have indulged a bit too much, but hey, you only turn one once, right?

In terms of my training, I’ve been staying busy. I’ve been continuing to work on my down duration and honing my recall skills. Every day is a chance to learn and grow, and I’m always up for the challenge.

Oh, and fun fact – my name, Jones, comes from the Indiana Jones movie franchise with my litter being named after it. I got to watch the latest movie in the series, The Dial of Destiny this month.

Well, that about wraps up my January update. Despite the cold weather, it’s been a month filled with fun, celebration, and plenty of snowy adventures. Thanks for following along on my journey, and I can’t wait to see what February has in store!

Submitted by: Terry & Sandy