Hey, fellow humans and four-legged enthusiasts! It’s me, Jones, your favorite Labrador extraordinaire and Pacific Assistance Dog-in-Training! I just wrapped up a crazy busy month, and boy, oh boy, do I have some tail-wagging tales to share! 

First things first, my weekly puppy classes have been my personal showcase of awesomeness! I’m learning to stand on command and also honing my focus skills by practicing dog distraction. I’m all about staying on top of my game, proving that I’m not just a pretty face with a wagging tail but a smart and disciplined pupper. Now, let’s talk about the curious case of my teeth! It seems the tooth fairy is a big fan of my pearly whites, as I’ve had quite a few visits from her this month. All my puppy teeth decided to pack their bags and move out, making room for my shiny new adult teeth. 

Around the house, I’ve become the ultimate laundry assistant! With my remarkable sniffing skills, I ensure every piece of clothing is given a thorough inspection. 

Oh, did I mention that I attended the pride festival this month? It was a vibrant celebration of love, diversity, and all things fabulous, meeting tons of new friends, both human and furry. 

But wait, there’s more! I took my first-ever paddle-boarding adventure, and oh boy, what an experience it was! Although I’m not quite ready to hang ten like a beach pro, I managed to stay afloat and enjoy the breeze in my fur. Let’s just say my balance skills were put to the test, but I remained determined and paddle-boarded with enthusiasm. Who knows, maybe next month I’ll be catching waves like a true sur-fur! 

So, there you have it, my friends—Jones’s June journey, filled with puppy classes, teeth transformations, laundry assistance, pride festival, and paddle boarding escapades. I’m just a Labrador on a mission to spread smiles and wagtails and show the world that assistance dogs can also have a wicked sense of humor! Stay tuned for more thrilling adventures from yours, truly, as I continue to conquer the world one paw at a time! 

Submitted by: Terry and Sandy