Hey there, it’s Jones here with my latest monthly update! March has been quite the eventful month, filled with milestones, adventures, and a bit of downtime too. I turned 14 months old this month! It’s hard to believe how quickly time flies, but I’m growing and learning every day.

The beginning of the month was bustling with training sessions and exciting outings. One highlight was visiting the hospital, where I got to spread some cheer and comfort. Plus, I also got to ride up and down on the elevator, a piece of cake. Then, of course, there was St. Patrick’s Day. I donned my green gear and spent a lovely afternoon strolling along Kelowna’s busy waterfront, taking in the sights and sounds.

I had a fun experience going to the pet store for a bath. Not only did I get squeaky clean, but I also had the chance once again to check out the fish in their tanks.

On the 21st, I had a trip to the veterinarian for my neutering procedure and hip x-rays. Having surgery, meant I had to take it easy for the next couple of weeks to recover. Thankfully, I had plenty of cozy naps and snuggles to keep me occupied. As March came to a close, I celebrated Easter with my raisers and their family.

Overall, March has been a month of growth, both physically and emotionally. From training and adventures to moments of rest and recovery, I’m grateful for every experience that comes my way. Thanks for following along on my journey, and here’s to many more adventures in the months ahead.

Submitted by: Terry & Sandy