At nine months, Ky has a puppy heart and a grown-up body. Ky has two distinct personalities; playful puppy and service dog in training. As a playful pup, he tosses his toys around the house and loves his off-leash time. As a service dog in training, Ky is very mellow and calmly follows along at shops or rests during appointments. 

A special highlight for this month was a week-long road trip to Vancouver Island. Ky rested in the back of the car, played on beaches, did board-walk hikes in rain forests, relaxed (in cape) in restaurants and went on four ferries. Although Ky seemed to enjoy the trip, he was happy to get home to his favorite bed and neighborhood. 

It is amazing to watch Ky grow and mature. He’s a delight!

Submitted by: Marilyn Harris