January has been a positive month for Ky and a real joy for those around him. 

At 6 months old, Ky is growing from a cute puppy to a sweet, early adolescent. He continues to do puppy things like carrying bath & shoe mats or his own mat from all over the house (thankfully, he doesn’t go after shoes). Yet, he’s also sleeping less and looking out the window, simply observing life. 

Ky is maturing into a calm, thoughtful dog. Even on his playdates with his PADS buddies, Ky has a gentleness about him. In his neighbourhood, walks Ky acknowledges other dogs but keeps to himself. 

Ky’s calmness shines through, especially when he wears his cape. Ky follows commands and has an easy-going manner, which makes it a delight to him on community outings, including the cancer clinic where he regularly goes with a human friend. You can see the delight on both staff and patients when Ky is around, although he is totally oblivious. 

At this early stage, it looks like Ky is on his way to becoming a terrific assistance dog.

Submitted by: Marilyn