Happy Birthday Ky!

A few fun facts about this gentle, kind dog:
– He rarely barks. The last time was a few weeks ago, when he saw his boxer buddy “ Cruise,” from across the street. Ky’s bark was more like a greeting. Woof!
– Ky’s favorite toy is a Kong filled with peanut butter and kibble. Ky doesn’t like to get his paws dirty, so he only uses his long tongue to pry the goodies out.
– Ky is known for his loud snoring, which has caused many sleepless nights for his people roommates.
-Ky loves children and they love him! He spent two weeks with our two-year-old granddaughter, playing and taking the odd nap when he could.

It’s been a hot summer and with his thick coat Ky has spent more time inside. Still, Ky remains on track with his training and is keen to please and try.

Submitted by: Marilyn Harris