There’s been a few highlights for Ky this month: 

Hurray for snow! Ky loves winter and the opportunity to lick up and dance in the fresh stuff. 

Another thrill was going to a local high school and meeting students. Ky is a big dog, yet his calm, kind demeanour instantly put the students at ease. 

Finally, Ky played big brother to nine-week PAD’s pup, Benny. Ky showed Benny the most important aspects of doggy life, including where the food is stored (in the closet), how to earn treats (sit nicely, use your manners) and the fun of all his toys, which he proudly shared. There was rarely a dull moment as the two boys chased and wrestled until they were exhausted. 

Ky has moved to another home. All reports indicate that he is settling in well and appreciating a break from his little buddy.

Submitted by: Marilyn Harris