Merry Christmas from me and all my PADS friends! This is such an exciting month, because it is Christmas AND my birthday! I don’t really remember my Christmas last year, because I was born on December 25, so everything is kind of a blur.

This month was a fun one in school! The kids had lots of dress-up days, and of course I dressed up too! At home things were fun too. We did Christmas activities, wrapped presents, had friends over, and went Christmas shopping. Once school was done, I went on a trip with my human all the way to Alberta! It was SO COLD!! I got super good at doing my “better go” and then racing back inside before my feet got too cold. I’m so thankful for fireplaces! (My favourite sleeping place is in front of a good fire…) On the days that it wasn’t cold, I had a great time jumping around in the deep snow and racing around to make tracks behind me.

My human says I was very well behaved on the drive there and back. It was easy! I just slept the whole time! Now that I’m 1-year-old, I’m calming down (sometimes), and I’m getting better at listening to cues. The kids come back to school soon, so hopefully they’ll keep helping me grow once the new year begins!

Submitted by: Fiona Meagher