This is my first pup date. My name is Lady II, and I’ve started my puppy-raising journey in a warm and caring home. It’s a bit busy here with 2 teenagers, a mom, a dad and 2 awesome dogs! I feel lucky. I spend most of my day doing not much at all cause mom works. I quickly learned that when I’m calm and relaxing on my dog bed, kibbles fall from the sky. It’s like magic. I’ve also learned that when mom says my name if I look at her, kibbles come my way! And when we are in the kitchen, if I stay on the magic mat, again….kibbles! I love kibbles. Mom says I’m easy to train cause I’m a perfect mix of smart and spicy. When mom is finished work, we go out to the store or for a walk. I like keeping next to her…guess what….more kibbles!! I hope you enjoy learning a bit about me. Pics are worth a thousand words.

Submitted by: Lindi