This month has been eventful but boring. I had to wear a diaper for WEEKS and wasn’t allowed to go out very much. I spent most of my time sleeping the days away and playing with my housemates as much as they’d let me. Once I got used to it, the diaper wasn’t that bad…everyone else seemed to be more excited about it than I was! 

Eventually, my humans let me take it off, and I got to go back to school! It had been so long since I’d seen the kids! It didn’t take me long to remember how to fall asleep during class and ignore all the noise that was going on. I got to spend the weekends in Chilliwack for a change (usually I’m in Abbotsford for those…), so I got to go to church! I have to say; I’m pretty good at it! 

Overall, the month was okay, but I definitely won’t be wearing that diaper anytime soon if I have anything to say about it! 

Submitted by: Fiona Meagher