This month Lady II has been focusing on building a strong retrieve. She has also proven to be very good at tug! She is a super fun little dog who quickly picks things up. We have introduced body targeting and fun games around putting on her cape. This little “Lady” is up for anything as long as it involves food and praise – she truly loves to work. On weekends, Lady enjoys going to her sitter’s house, taking her for long walks and visiting her dog friends.

  • Skills being learned: Retrieving, backing up, closing doors, dress
  • Recent field trips: West Edmonton Mall, Superstore, Costco, Homes Alive, Edmonton Soccer Dome, University of Alberta
  • Possible behaviour challenges: Will try to steal food if left unattended
  • Advanced training Location: Calgary

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Lady!

Submitted by: Amy, Advanced Trainer