Levi enjoyed an active December. We went hiking a number of times, a few times with other PADS people/dogs so the dogs could play together and practice their manners. Levi never tires of the outdoors and loves to frolic in the fresh snow.

We had a quiet Christmas, spent with my 95-year old mother. Levi was respectful of her and careful not to trip her up. We have been introducing Levi to a wheelchair and he is doing well walking alongside and keeping his toes out of the way.

Levi helped us with a little bit of Christmas shopping, waiting patiently as we browsed through the store. He enjoys Home Depot, as the clerks are always interested in Levi’s training as an assistance dog.

We walk along the Kelowna waterfront often, socializing Levi with other strollers and their pups.

Happy New Year all!

Submitted By: Michelle and Steve