Hi fwends! This month has been a real roller coaster. I started going to my human’s classes, riding the 99 every day to UBC and going on exciting trips. The bus ride is a piece of cake for me. I just sit or lay there and reap the rewards. The classes, though, are a lot tougher. My human likes to say I’m either a perfect baby or a crazy baby. There’s no in-between. I think that’s a pretty good balance! I’ve also been working on some new tricks. I am mastering the ” perch, ” but “down” is still hard for me. Practice makes perfect, though, right? I also went on a puppy playdate with my fellow (UBC) Campus Canines pups, including Marvel, Fleetwood, and Myrtle. I was obsessed with Fleetwood!! I love meeting other dogs and other people, even though I sometimes get a little too excited! 

Submitted by: Adele