Loki II has come leaps and bounds in his training and general manners this month. He will still test the boundaries of just how much he’s allowed to throw his whole body into greetings and snuggle time…but we’re seeing improvement! Loki has spent time with some different sitters, attended more strenuous field trips this month, and has risen to the occasion every time. 

He has worked hard on his fitness and endurance and can now go for longer periods without tiring as quickly. He is still, and will always be, a life-in-the-slow-lane kinda dude! 

  • Skills being learned: Stand, proofing default leave it, proofing Go In, body awareness, core strengthening
  • Recent field trips: Lougheed Mall, Chilliwack Public Library 
  • Possible behavior challenges:  Excitable greetings  
  • Advanced training location: West Coast (Satellite)

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Loki II!

Submitted by: Emma, Advanced Trainer