Hi guys, I have had an exciting month for sure. I got to meet my new raisers and family. I have so many dog brothers and sisters that I will never be short of playmates, but it’s not all about fun and games anymore. I have done some serious learning lately. My raisers particularly love that I stare up at them so much. I love that I get treatos when I stare up at them. What a fun game that is!

One of the coolest things that I have done so far is to go shopping. I get to help mom pick out the best treats for me and my dog siblings. Mom is always so impressed by how well I am doing with all my leash manners and how focused I am when I’m working. She says that I’m a little rock star. I say back that no mamma, I’m a jazz star!
Take care, everybody!

Submitted by: Marie Devantier