Louis is a wonderful, loving dog! He loves to cuddle and knows his commands very well. We are working on keeping all four paws on the floor because he likes to cuddle and wants to climb into my lap. At 84 pounds, this can be an issue! 

We have been grocery shopping, and we visited the daycare next door to get to know some little humans. Mostly, we spend a lot of time in my home office as I work on my university courses from home. 

Twice-daily walks around the neighbourhood are fun. Every two weeks or so, we visit the local dog park. Louis is getting better at spending time with other dogs without getting so excited that he tries to mount them all. 

Louis enjoyed going to a restaurant and being so quiet and well-behaved that even the waitress didn’t realize he was there. He got lots of love (and a pupuccino from the Starbucks next door) for such great behaviour. 

Submitted by: Elizabeth Cousar