Sweet and eager-to-learn Maggie had a busy month celebrating her 1st birthday! She shared a cake with her siblings, Andre and Quinn, trying not to be distracted by the surrounding pups. Maggie had several new experiences, including a fun ride on the paddleboard at Semiahmoo Bay, a PADS class picnic at Confederation Park, practicing to remain calm among all the other PADS pups, and a road trip to Kelowna with a three-night stay at an Airbnb while visiting lots of family. Maggie settled really well in all the new surroundings, including whenever going out to restaurants. She met a few new babies in the family, which she was able to be calm and relaxed around even as they grabbed or crawled along by her. Maggie does love her playtime and is trying hard to remain calm when she meets up with a pet dog — a work in progress. 

Submitted by: Sandi Chapman