Maggie II has been doing well this month in advanced training. Maggie loves to work so much that sometimes, her arousal makes her bark when she hears commands. We have been working on ensuring she is in the right correct arousal zone so that she can learn her skills in the right head space. When Maggie isn’t working, she loves to have cuddles with her people and go for walks in the local park. 

  • Skills Being Learned: Capping Skills, Breaking obedience for sounds 
  • Recent Field Trips: Sicamous, Homesense
  • Possible Behaviour Challenges: Impulsive
  • Advanced Training Location: Calgary, AB

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Maggie II!

Submitted by: Evelyn, Instructors Assistant

From left to right – PADS Roan, Released PADS Blasie, PADS Maggie II