The month of February was about transitions—as Maggie would be heading off to puppy university to join the advanced training team at month’s end. Along with practicing skills, we fit in some time visiting friends and family to say farewell, including a beach day with a friend who is an Olympian mom wearing her Tokyo gear (which is Maggie’s litter). We made time for bitey face and romps with some special fur buddies before having to go in for her spay surgery, which meant 2 weeks of recovery with no active play until Puppy U. Maggie took it all in stride and was back to her fun, curious self within a day.

Rather than the usual off-leash trail runs, we took it easy by exploring malls, pet stores, and food courts and added some culture by visiting the Van Gogh Exhibit. Maggie went with the flow and settled into the chill routine. This meant more time to snuggle, and Maggie is the cuddliest pup who loves to tuck right in—which the raiser took advantage of knowing that she soon would be moving forward to the transition to the next part of her PADS journey of changing lives. So proud!

Submitted by: Sandi Chapman