We started the new year with Maggie II telling us something very important… She would rather have a career as an accredited facility dog due to her love of people and cheerful personality than being a hearing dog. Maggie showed us that the arousal of hearing work was stressful for her, and she found happiness in helping people. Maggie’s sweet nature and true love of everyone will make her great in her new career choice. Although Maggie struggles to be calm around some excitability, she is doing great in learning body targets and deployment skills to help comfort people. We look forward to seeing Maggie blossom in her new journey.  

  • Skills Being Learned: Deployment body target, chin targets to lap, polite greetings.
  • Recent Field Trips: Sunalta School, Dollarama, Breathe Outdoors
  • Possible Behaviour Challenges: Impulsive
  • Advanced Training Location: Calgary, AB

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Advanced Dog Maggie II!

Submitted by: Evelyn, Instructors Assistant